Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Phew! All the marking is finished - yay! Now begins the tedious business of collating everything, putting the right bits in the right boxes, uploading & sending off. So the results should be up by the end of today & then I'll send out my detailed comments and feedback to everyone - probably not till tomorrow.
There were so many good sites and creative ideas - some developed and some just waiting for a bit more time to reach their full potential. Yet all students did such a good job & made such monumental progress along the bumpy, pot-hole-ridden, sometimes slippery, sometimes gloomy, track to techno-pedagogical confidence and competence. Well done everyone! It's been a pleasure watching you create & achieve!
Now, enough of the poetics for today (or probably for a long time to come, I hear you all say!) :-)
My next project, after sending out everyone's individual feedback, will be to post the links to the final projects here on my blog & begin the process of hosting & posting all the projects (webquests & online modules - this semester & last) on my own webspace ... this ain't gonna happen overnight!
So watch this space for further developments ... and eventually a URL to view them all.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well, the guest lecture with the ITBL course at U of Calgary seemed to go well - certainly I've received thanks from Norm about it, though no contact from any of his students ... but maybe they're still getting used to the technology & using this kind of social software for educational rather than just personal purposes ...? Certainly they seemed to be impressed (as was Norm) with the design (and obvious reflective effort) of my students' webquests from this semester. Well done, once again 618-ers - you are now internationally renowned :-)

It was fun to be doing a presentation from here in Brisbane where it was 25C & I thought it was a cool day. While in Calgary it was -13C & they had had snow ...