Monday, October 15, 2007

Such a long time since I've posted??!! I feel blog-deprived :-) Here I am in Canada now - in Edmonton till tomorrow, then I move on to Canmore in the eastern Rockies - where it'll be a bit colder, I fear?!

Hope you all are moving along with your projects - I've had email from some & guess you others are just not communicating because you're not making much progress with the project. Don't forget that the wiki is a good place to ask questions & post ideas & help that you've found!

I'm putting here a photo I took a couple of days ago here in Edmonton - at sunset ... they are still on daylight saving here, which is rather strange for me, a tropical person, cos the sun doesn't rise till about 7.30am or later, but it doesn't set till about 6.30 ... And it doesn't really move across the sky- I have a view out of my hotel room in one direction & I can see the sun all day?!
... Not as serious a dysjunction as Alaska last year though :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing the online projects as they get posted - but won't be able to have a look at them for about a week or so. And guess what? It looks like I may be teaching a course collaboratively with University of Iceland?! - how cool is that?? (literally!) 8-}